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This year's Paperless Lab Academy theme will focus on pragmatic strategies to effectively materialize laboratory knowledge in order to FIND the SPEED to INNOVATE in R&D and QA/QC laboratories across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer goods and chemical industries.

Data-intensive science is becoming far more mainstream in our daily laboratory operations. The adoption of new technologies is expected to have a significant impact on how operating budgets will be defined over the next decade.

Data integrity is currently one of the highest cited areas in regulatory observations. Yet, data integrity is not a new requirement. During the Paperless Lab Academy several presentations and workshops will zoom-in from different perspectives

How to embrace social media in science? Technology is just a part of the story. What about data protection and privacy rules? The Paperless Lab Academy is the platform to learn and share experiences

Michael Shanler will focus on what “going digital” really means to Gartner clients, and the impacts it will have on existing R&D and manufacturing informatics systems and processes. Multiple workshops will build upon this concept

Adopting new a mindset, ability to harmonize processes and reduce complexity is easier said than done. Several presentations will explore a number of emerging trends, techniques, and technologies that organizations around the world are embracing to quicken deployment, speed innovation, and get products to market faster.

The interactive 2-day congress will give you actionable insights on how to adopt a new mindset in your daily work. By paying attention to the new consumers of scientific data, perceptions will change, and the laboratory will become viewed as more than just a cost center.

The academy includes over
20 plenary presentations. We are proud to announce contributions from Gartner, FDA, Axon Science based lawyers, Allotrope Foundation, McDowall Consulting, and many others.

Harmonisation, integration and simplification are top priorities at the corporate level.
16 practical hands-on workshops, networking cocktail reception and conference dinner, many live demonstrations from over 20 leading suppliers, will give you the arguments you need for your projects.

The organizers of the Paperless Lab Academy

Peter Boogaard - CEO - Industrial Lab Automation
Isabel Muñoz-Willery & Roberto Castelnovo - Owners of NL42

Michael Shanler -
Laboratory Informatics in the Digital Era

Gerhard Noelken -
Allotrope Framework Drives Innovation in LabInformatics

Bob McDowall PhD
Impact of the Cloud on a Regulated Paperless Laboratory

Giuseppe Randazzo - FDA

FDA’s Approach to Quality Assessment

Pat Pijanowski -
The Quest for Strategic Speed

Sofie van der Meulen -
Axon Lawyers
Data protection & data integrity

Gonzalo Hernandez
- Faes Farma
FAES 2020: Efficiency in R&D+i

Teresa Minero - VP ISPE Italy Affiliate

Paperless and Data Integrity
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 "The Paperless Lab Academy continues to be possibly the most interesting and thought-provoking event dealing with laboratory informatics. By providing a synoptic overview of the informatics landscape and identifying trends and developments for the future" - Tom Wilkie - Europe science Chief editor, Scientific Computing World Review

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