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Alliances & Partners

Alliances & Partners

NL42 provides a range of customised services to ensure consistency and continuous improvement of your company performance. We can implement projects to achieve a range of accreditations and internal validations and help integrate your laboratory software solutions within your processes. We can also support the introduction of new products into the market according to the highest quality standards.

The Allotrope Foundation is an international association of biotech and pharmaceutical companies building a common laboratory information framework (“Framework”) for an interoperable means of generating, storing, retrieving, transmitting, analyzing and archiving laboratory data and higher-level business objects such as study reports and regulatory submission files.

By means of a comprehensive and rigorous RFP Process, OSTHUS GmbH was chosen as the software partner to develop the Allotrope Framework.

Lowering Barriers to R&D Innovation

Pistoia Alliance members aim to lower barriers to innovation by improving the interoperability of R&D business processes through precompetitive collaboration. The organization focuses on bringing stakeholders to the table to define common, conceptual steps of the life science R&D workflow.

Analysome - The Analysome is the term given to the collection of all analytes that can be measured, the technologies that can measure them, the limits of quantification of those technologies and the cost of obtaining those measurements.Such information – if curated, stored and accessed via an easy-to-use, globally-available, web-based catalogue – would be of value to the life science R&D community.

Industrial Lab Automation is refering to Atrium Research for an overview of scientific Software providers. Industrial Lab Automation and Atrium Research does not endorse any vendor offer, nor do we take a fee for listing these companies.

Companies that are operating in a highly regulated laboratory environment or have heavy R&D requirements are facing tough challenges. Our research shows that the on-going economic recession and an increase in global competition means that whether you are developing new drugs, cosmetics, food, beverages or chemicals, companies are under constant pressure to increase productivity whilst cutting costs.