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Analysome Completed, Prototype Published
The Pistoia Alliance’s assessment work for the Analysome concept is complete. Further development may take place if additional funding becomes available. If you would like to invest in the next stage of this project, or gain access to a copy of the source code for the prototype, then please get in touch by emailing our business development team: bizdev@pistoiaalliance.org
The working prototype is hosted at Thomson Reuters Cortellis Labs on behalf of the Pistoia Alliance. A free Cortellis Labs account is required to access it, and on the prototype’s front page there is a link to a video explaining how the Analysome portal works. The prototype is open-source. Sign-up for free access
 The Analysome:

a new way to find quality assays for biomarkers

Introduction to the Analysome pilot web portal
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  • The Analysome portal will significantly improve the finding of curated and validated assays across assay providers.
  • Strategies for using Analysome to enable the building of a shared knowledge community by facilitating a peer-to-peer community communication process.
  • Examples of how the Analysome portal will decrease costs and speed up scientific research by leveraging assay curation, validation information, multiplexing capabilities, intelligent searching, literature integration capabilities.
  • How to participate in the Analysome project as a pharma partner (end-user) or commercial supplier (data provider).


What is it?

Analysome - The Analysome is the term given to the collection of all analytes that can be measured, the technologies that can measure them, the limits of quantification of those technologies and the cost of obtaining those measurements.Such information – if curated, stored and accessed via an easy-to-use, globally-available, web-based catalogue – would be of value to the life science R&D community.

Where to find more information?

Pistoia-Analysome home page

What is the Pistoia Alliance

From its initial conception at a conference in Pistoia, Italy, the Pistoia Alliance has focused on bringing stakeholders together to tackle the common barriers that stand in the way of innovation. Our membership includes life science companies, academic groups, service organizations, and vendors in R&D informatics and publishing—all of the constituents necessary to drive changes in life science R&D business processes. Website

What is U-BIOPRED?

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is Europe's largest public-private partnership aiming to improve the drug development process by supporting a more efficient discovery and development of better and safer medicines for patients.
With a €2 billion euro budget, IMI supports collaborative research projects and builds networks of industrial and academic experts in Europe that will boost innovation in healthcare.
U-BIOPRED is one the projects and is  aimed to speed up the development of better treatments for patients with severe asthma. Website