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A Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) or Sampling Work is a special statistical technique that enables you to gain data and information about your enterprise and work procedures. It is MMA’s main objective to provide data and facts about the effort distribution in your enterprise. Consequently, you will be able to distinguish value-adding tasks and activities from waste-of-time. MMA provides very reliable facts of the current situation. Efficiency killers and bloated administrative routines can be identified clearly and easily. Waste-of-time procedures and efficiency killers occur in very different forms and are often hidden. Sometimes there is a vague subjective feeling among the staff that something is wrong or does not fit when it comes to daily work routines. Often your employees just feel, but do not know, the efficiency killers which may cause a latent feeling of working in vain, and make people dissatisfied. This means decreasing motivation at the same time. A dangerous development starts if these phenomena are not strongly opposed and changed within an appropriate period of time. Without reliable hard facts, it is impossible for management to react and to improve the situation, respectively to make the right investment decisions with strong potential for the future. Efficiency killers prevent the potential of your enterprise to fully blossom.
Facts instead of assumptions

With the MMA study you measure your processes

With the smart phone MMA App for execution of the multi-moment-analysis you get an accurate picture of the activities and time spend to the individual activity by your staff. Based on the results, you can make the right decisions cases which processes need to be optimized and what results are expected.

From the basis of the analysis you will receive meaningful charts, which show the efficiency killer within the defined processes.

With the mobile devices you just have to answer the simple question:

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How to gain accurate, current data on Bottlenecks, Efficiency Gaps, Time-Killers and Time-wasting Routines in your Organization

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