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Europa Science Ltd is a publishing company specialising in European scientific, technical and medical markets. Working in both print and electronic media, we offer websites, electronic newsletters, and print magazines.

LABinsights is a multi media formula, with magazine (on paper and digital), website and newsletter, aimed at the Lab market in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Scientific Computing covers the new products, services, and technologies that are available to science professionals.

The Pharmaceutical Online email newsletter features seven departments — Solid Dose Manufacturing, Liquid Dose Manufacturing, Packaging, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Critical Environments, Inspection, and Logistics — each of which contains articles, white papers, case studies, news, and products related to that topic. 

This Web site will focus exclusively on the key concepts of Quality by Design as they apply to both biopharmaceuticals and small molecule drug development

 The concept of Pharmaceutical Quality by Design, as articulated by FDA in 2008, advances a smarter approach to drug development, one that examines risks over the entire life cycle of any drug and encompasses, not only finished drugs, but APIs, excipients, drug delivery forms, analytical methods and packaging.

DDW examines the advances in new science and technology with a view to the commercial implications of implementing those advances and whether they can truly bring benefits to the industry as a whole and, more importantly, the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

Industryplanner enables organizers of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, courses, training or education in the industry to plan events and to reach their target audience in an very effective manner. Industryplanner offers visitors the functionality to synchronize the events with their personal agenda and/or PDA/Smartphone, providing you the comfort to expose your events amongst your target audience on a continuous basis. 

Pharma IQ, a division of IQPC, is an international online community focusing on providing pharmaceutical professionals with knowledge, information and articles. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the pharmaceutical community 


One website based on Combinatorial Chemistry, Technology Networks